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Baler Belt
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4.75" x 73.25" 2 Ply Impression w/ Clipper

4.75" x 73.25" 2 Ply Impression w/ Clipper


Description: Goodyear® Engineered Products has a reputation for unsurpassed quality and performance. Trusted by OEMs for years, these baler belts are also manufactured with a continuous curing process that provides superb performance and durability. Combined with the latest in fabric and skim coating technologies, Goodyear® Engineered Products creates baler belts that will work as hard as you do.

Width: 4.75"
Length: 73.25"
Ply: 2
Top Cover Style: Impression

Width: 4.75"
Length: 73.25"
Ply: 2
Top Cover Style: Impression
Fastener Type: Clipper
Carcass/Fabric: Goodyear Engineered Products
Vendor: Goodyear

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